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Recent events

I have updated the gallery with some recent events Benedict has attended. I am a bit behind on the Doctor Strange events and I also have Black Mass screen caps to also add over the next coming weeks, so stay tuned for those.

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Doctor Strange promotion

Benedict is EVERYWHERE. So here are a few appearances that I can remember to hand that are coming up. Today Benedict is going to do a live webchat at 4pm, Monday 24th October with the Guardian newspaper. You can post questions to him in the comments section of this article. You do need to register to do so.

On wednesday 26th October he will be making an appearance on ‘This Morning’. This starts at 10.30am.  It also has been announced that Benedict will be hosting Saturday Night Live! His episode will air on the 5th November, read more here. are having a Facebook live interview with Benedict and you can find out more from the tweet below.

Here is the full Doctor Strange press conference, which was held in LA a couple of days ago by Flicks and the City.

Here is an interview from the red carpet premiere in LA.

Had to share this fantastic fan video of Benedict meeting Robert Downey Jr on the red carpet by Jilly Wu.

Finally I would like to congratulate Benedict and Sophie on the news that they’re expecting their second child together!

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Radio breakfast shows

Benedict has made some radio show appearances today. Notably radio 1 (Nick Grimshaw) and radio 2 (Mark Goodier). If you missed them you can relisten at the links below.

Radio 2 Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Mark Goodier: Listen (Dr Strange clip) | Listen (Sherlock clip)

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Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw: Listen

radio1 radio1-2

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Doctor Strange press junkets/TV spot 19

Here are a couple of press junkets Benedict has been doing out in Hong Kong.

Here is TV spot number 19 ‘Do the Impossible’, shows even more cool snippets.

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Marvel Dr. Strange Asia Press Conference

Here is the full Doctor Strange press conference from Asia in Hong Kong in case you missed the live stream on 13th October. They were late to arrive so forward the video to the 20-minute mark. If you want to watch the red carpet event head to my older post here and click the video.

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David Gilmour & Benedict perform ‘Comfortably Numb’

Benedict made an appearance last night (28th September) at the Royal Albert Hall to sing on stage with David Gilmour. You can watch a video of him singing ‘Comfortably Numb’.

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Benedict’s message for #SDCC ‘Sherlock’ fans

Benedict recorded this message for convention goers that were attending #SDCC ‘Sherlock’ panel that was being held today. This video was published yesterday by the BBC.

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Wimbledon Final and new layout

Benedict is at the Wimbledon final today between Murray and Raonic. He is sitting in the Royal box with his wife Sophie. I wish to add that Sophie has the gorgeous Bradley Cooper on the other side of her! Lucky woman!


On site news I have finally changed the layout and I hope you all like it, it has been a long time coming. I will be changing the gallery layout as well and adding to it in the next few days.

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‘To be or not to be?’

Benedict was joined by a host of stars (David Tennant, Sir Ian McKellen, Dame Judy Dench et al.) and Prince Charles on last nights ‘Shakespeare Live!’, which you can view in a clip below:

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CBE videos

Here are some videos of Benedict receiving his CBE from the Queen and him talking to the press about what the Queen said and his right to voice his own opinion. All videos are courtesy of 5 news.

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Sherlocked reviews

Some press have reviewed the recent Sherlocked convention. I have quoted some parts from the Daily Mail and The Mirror. Click the links to read them in full. The Daily Mail seems to be rather negative especially when talking about fans and the prices. The Mirror is slightly better. I will be writing my own review in the next week.

For the 6,000 self-styled Cumberbitches and Cumberboys who have turned up here, however, it’s elementary.

Many are dressed as their favourite cast member and are happy to shell out up to £45 for a photo with Sherlock himself.

Some cough up almost £3,000 for a VIP pass and think nothing of paying £30 for a scrap of wallpaper from the show’s set.

Others happily spend £500 for a pair of signed Sherlock and John Watson action figures and see nothing wrong with forking out £15 for a tea towel.

But since many have journeyed from one of the 200 countries where Sherlock is now broadcast, money is no object.

The Mirror


Taking part in the photo sessions, Cumberbatch is charming and polite, lightly slipping an arm around everyone’s shoulders, smiling on cue.

The fans get about seven seconds each with him — just enough time to blurt out a starstruck hello or a suggestion for a pose.

‘Jazz hands? Finger point?’ he repeats, then sportingly complies.

Against the blue backdrop, everything about him is finely tailored, from the shape of his head to his approach to the job. He is very contained, even a little distant.

Yet when the photographs are printed, spewing out instantly from a machine in the Sherlocked studio, his star quality is evident.

The fans look dishevelled, gawky, ramshackle, homespun, whatever. He, on the other hand, looks brilliant in every single one, shimmering straight down the lens, imbuing the photo sausage factory with a bit of dignity.

Daily Mail

Sherlocked Convention photos
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Sherlocked Convention photos

I have added a couple of fan photos of Benedict from the Sherlocked Convention. I will do a write up of it in a couple of days. Absolutely exhausted, but a fabulous weekend. Meeting all the cast members was a real treat.

If you met Ben at Sherlocked and you don’t mind showing off your photos either twit me @cumberbatcheduk or e-mail me.

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Sherlocked Convention

From today 24th April the London Sherlocked Convention kicks off for the weekend. Check out the website for information.

Friday: Registration from 2pm. Event open 6pm – 8pm. Your chance to visit some of the event attractions at a more leisurely pace before dancing the night away at our party (8pm til late)*

Saturday: 9am to 6pm (Registration open from 8am)

Sunday: 9am to 6pm (Registration open from 8am)

*Party is included in Gold, Platinum and VIP packages

I will be in attendance over the whole weekend so I will try and get photos of Benedict and twit information and fun (Signal permitting). Please follow us @cumberbatcheduk.

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Benedict at the Laureus Sports Awards

Again Benedict presented the awards earlier in the week and here is a nice video of Benedict talking about his year on the red carpet. The video is from the Mail.

Benedict is talking about the importance of the awards in regards to raising money for charity and how everyone around the world meet up. This video is by