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‘How To Stop Time’ new project

Benedict has been announced to star in fantasy drama ‘How To Stop Time’. The film is another book adaptation (not yet released) that Benedict has signed too. The book is about a man called Tom Hazard played by Benedict that has been alive for centuries due to an ‘extremely rare condition’. So the character changes identities to avoid detection and is currently working as a history teacher. The book is released for July this year, but no word on a director or script writer yet.

Sounds intriguing, right?

Source: Empire

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Melrose TV project

Benedict is set to star in and produce ‘Melrose’ for Showtime in a 5 part TV series. Benedict will be playing Patrick Melrose. The character is part of a 5 novel series by Edward St. Aubyn.

Hollywood Reporter say:

 The character is described as an aristocratic and outrageously funny playboy struggling with considerable parent issues.

Benedict’s company Sunnymarch will be taking the reigns on this and Benedict had this to say about the show:

“We are delighted to be part of this incredible series,” said Cumberbatch and Adam Ackland, who will produce under their SunnyMarch shingle. “We have been huge fans of these books for many years, and David Nicholls’ adaptations are extraordinary.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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The Child in Time

(This is a repost as the original was lost during the site move)

Empire reported that Benedict is starring in ‘The Child In Time’.  The main character is named Stephen Lewis who is an author of Children’s books. He is at the supermarket one day with his daughter, Katie and she goes missing.  Lewis turns to drink and his wife leaves him.  He becomes a recluse. The original novel is written by Ian McEwan and will be adapted to a 90 minute TV drama.

Benedict says:

I read the novel years ago and it stayed with me – profound, beautiful and very moving.

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Doctor Strange promotion

Benedict is EVERYWHERE. So here are a few appearances that I can remember to hand that are coming up. Today Benedict is going to do a live webchat at 4pm, Monday 24th October with the Guardian newspaper. You can post questions to him in the comments section of this article. You do need to register to do so.

On wednesday 26th October he will be making an appearance on ‘This Morning’. This starts at 10.30am.  It also has been announced that Benedict will be hosting Saturday Night Live! His episode will air on the 5th November, read more here. are having a Facebook live interview with Benedict and you can find out more from the tweet below.

Here is the full Doctor Strange press conference, which was held in LA a couple of days ago by Flicks and the City.

Here is an interview from the red carpet premiere in LA.

Had to share this fantastic fan video of Benedict meeting Robert Downey Jr on the red carpet by Jilly Wu.

Finally I would like to congratulate Benedict and Sophie on the news that they’re expecting their second child together!

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Will Doctor Strange be making an appearance in Thor: Ragnarok?

Polygon have written a very interesting article regarding the new Thor film and a potential appearance of Doctor Strange in this film or at least a mention. This will all be gearing up to the final two Avenger films (Infinity War and untitled part 2) no doubt.

In new photos taken from the set of Thor: Ragnarok, which is currently filming in Australia, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor can be seen holding a business card with a very peculiar address stamped on it. As Hitfix points out, 177A Bleecker St is the address of Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum where Strange lives. The card suggests that Strange may make an appearance in the film. There aren’t any other photos or clues that hint at how big of a role the appearance in Ragnarok from Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, may be, but it does confirm that the new superheroes from Marvel’s third cinematic phase and the older heroes are very much aware of each other’s existence.

Read the full article here.

See the on set photo of Chris Hemsworth holding the ‘business card’ with Strange’s address on in the top right photo. click to zoom in on that address.


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New project: ‘Rogue Male’

Sunny March Benedict’s production company announced that Benedict will be starring in and producing ‘Rogue Male’, which will be an adaptation of the British novel.

The Hollywood Reporter summarise the novel below:

The survivalist thriller told of a hunter who attempts to assassinate a dictator but is caught, tortured and left for dead. When he escapes back home to England, he must hide out in a harsh countryside with the enemy agents as well as the police in hot pursuit. Rogue Male was published in 1939 and the author, Geoffrey Household, said the dictator was intended to be a stand-in for Adolph Hitler.

This is what Benedict had to say about taking the role:

“I am thrilled both as an actor and producer to be working on bringing this most treasured of English novels to the big screen,” said Cumberbatch, who read the novel several years ago.

Sunny March is also currently producing The War Magician for Studio Canal, which Benedict is involved in.