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More Doctor Strange Press Interviews

There are tons of interviews being released all the time and I usually try and retweet them from our twitter page, but here are a few new notable ones or recent hilarious videos for you to watch.


A brilliant interview from Shanghai.

Question and answer session from Shanghai by Screen Slam.

Access Hollywood interview published yesterday:

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More Doctor Strange TV spots & promo clips

Here is a promo clip entitled ‘Magical Objects’, this features an interview with Benedict and worth a watch.

Of course there are far more TV spots since the last update so here is 20 – 25 below and I put them in order this time.

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‘Entertainment Tonight’ Interview cast of Dr Strange

‘Entertainment Tonight’  did a short segment on set with the cast of Doctor Strange and you can see it below, it was released a few days ago but I hadn’t posted it here:

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Doctor Strange press junkets/TV spot 19

Here are a couple of press junkets Benedict has been doing out in Hong Kong.

Here is TV spot number 19 ‘Do the Impossible’, shows even more cool snippets.

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Marvel Dr. Strange Asia Press Conference

Here is the full Doctor Strange press conference from Asia in Hong Kong in case you missed the live stream on 13th October. They were late to arrive so forward the video to the 20-minute mark. If you want to watch the red carpet event head to my older post here and click the video.

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Short film: Inseparable

Benedict was involved in a short film called ‘Inseparable’ back in 2007, which has been released today for purchase from We Are Colony. You can purchase the film bundle for £1.99. Not bad for a double dose of Benedict as he plays twins Joe and Charlie. The film is 11 minutes in length. The film company also have ‘Third Star’ available to purchase as well.

The synopsis of the film is as follows:

Joe and Charlie are estranged identical brothers, who lead very separate lives. Joe is smooth, suited and successful. Charlie is dishevelled, drunk and disorganised. When Joe discovers he is dying, the brothers meet and form a plan to help Joe’s family cope and give Charlie an opportunity to redeem himself.

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Natalie Press, Inseparable is an emotional and unique story of family, identity and starting again.

You can watch the trailer below: